posted by: Ramada Kamloops on: October 01, 2019

Packing for a fall trip through the Okanagan can be a little more complicated than other trips you may have planned. This especially holds true if you are preparing to hit the many wine-makers and vineyards in the area. To make sure you enjoy your excursion, we have put together a short list of must-pack items for your next vacay.
Clothing You Can Layer
Fall in the Okanagan countryside can mean fluctuating temperatures. It is not uncommon for a day to begin chilly, proceed to warm, and then become cold at night. When you are planning a trip to hit Okanagan wineries and vineyards, you are likely to spend an entire day visiting large farms, chilly wine cellars and stylish tasting rooms. Make sure you pack clothes you can easily take on and off in layers to help accommodate this changing temperature. This means clothing options like T-shirts, long sleeve shirts and sweaters.
Waterproof Outwear
In your layer planning, be sure to include a waterproof outer layer. Just as the weather can vary throughout the day, wine-growing regions can also be prone to unexpected weather changes. Instead of being stuck in the rain soaking wet, having a lightweight raincoat or waterproof cover of some sort can help save your trip.
The Right Shoes
On a wine tour, expect to do a lot of walking. You will be travelling from winery to winery, enjoying fine dinners and congregating with other wine fans. If you are walking around working wineries, expect to encounter plenty of wet surfaces where open-toed shoes or sandals won’t be appropriate. Instead, a nice pair of dark waterproof boots or sneakers may be your best option.
Keep these packing tips in mind so you can focus on what matters on your Okanagan wine touring trip—sipping wine!