posted by: Ramada Kamloops on: June 25, 2019

Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. But coordinating all of the details leading up to the big day can cause even the calmest brides and grooms to have a complete melt-down. While it may be nearly impossible to have a stress-free wedding day, we have compiled a few tips to help make the event go as smoothly as possible.
Plan Early and Plan Often
Whether you hire a wedding planner to assist you with the coordination of the event or you go DIY,  there will always be a lot to think about ahead of your wedding day. Booking your venues (such as our ballroom at Kamloops Ramada) and vendors way ahead of time can help ensure you get your first picks.
Hire a Day-Of Planner
Paying for a wedding planner to assist with wedding coordination is not financially realistic for many couples these days. Instead, opt to hire a day-of planner to help ensure all of the arrangements go off without a hitch. This will alleviate a huge portion of that stress that bogs couples down on that big day without taking a huge chunk out of your wallet.
Take Time Off Work
If you have vacation time, try to take a few days off before and after your wedding day. For many couples, this can come the weekend before the wedding. The extra day or two before the weekend gives you the chance to catch up on those last-minute details that tend to pop up. Then, spend the rest of the weekend relaxing!
Find Some Alone Time
Finally, on the day of the wedding, make sure you have some place to go and spend time with your new spouse. During the reception, you will likely be overwhelmed by the many guests and of course, your emotions. Be sure that you and your spouse have a spot you can sit for about ten minutes and enjoy each other's company while taking a break from the excitement.
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