posted by: Ramada Kamloops on: August 14, 2019

The dry, hot weather in the Okanagan makes the region perfect for growing grapes and stone fruits, but those warm temps, which often reach the mid-thirties in the summer months, can be unbearable for humans. Here are some tips for surviving an Okanagan summer.
Drink Plenty of Water
There’s no question about it: the best way to stay cool is by drinking plenty of water. While some people may think a cold soda or beer can refresh them, these drinks actually do the opposite and tend to dehydrate you. The only beverage that can replenish the fluids lost to sweat is crisp, clear water.
Go Play in the Water
Here in the Okanagan, we’re blessed with an array of lakes that can help keep you and the family cool this summer. Getting wet is not only fun, but it also allows you to stay exposed to natural sunlight which can help boost mood, among other benefits.
Clothing is Not Optional
Although shorts and sandals are a no-brainer in warm weather, they leave our skin exposed to harmful UV rays. Consider wearing UV-protective long-sleeve layers. Just make sure the clothing is lightweight to avoid heat from being trapped inside.
Go Play Inside
Playing outside and enjoying the sun and water is a great way to cool off and have fun in the summer, but too much sun can cause serious issues. Take frequent breaks from playing outside with some fun indoor activities, ideally in an air-conditioned space. Museums, libraries and movie theaters are great places to visit. If you’re staying at the Kamloops Ramada, take a break by watching a little TV in your air conditioned room.
Go out and have fun this summer. Just be sure you stay cool while doing it.