posted by: Ramada Kamloops on: November 01, 2019

Navigating snowy winter roads can be a difficult task regardless of where you are, but the stretch of highway between Vancouver and Kamloops is particularly treacherous.
If you plan to make the drive from Vancouver to Kamloops this winter, the driving safety tips below can help you to feel more confident when you begin your trip.
1. Keep your lights on.
Even if you're driving during the day, it's helpful to turn your headlights all the way on. Some cars have daytime running lights, but these are not as bright or obvious as your headlights.
The weather can change quickly, and it's common for dense patches of fog to crop up unexpectedly, so this can help make you as visible as possible to other cars.
2. Be sure your tires are in good condition.
There are many sections of highway that require all drivers to have snow tires or chains for safety. Make sure that both of these items are in good working condition before you make a long drive. Be sure to check your tire pressure and treads, and give your chains a thorough inspection before you leave the house.
3. Drive defensively.
Even if you're in a truck or SUV, don’t let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security. Avoid taking unnecessary risks, and try not to let your guard down, no matter how many cars are around. While the highways typically stay cleared, it's always possible to hit unexpected patches of ice or slush. By staying alert and practicing defensive driving techniques, you can ensure you and your passengers arrive safely.
Stay Safe on the Road This Winter
The drive between Vancouver and Kamloops can be lovely, but it's important to take extra care when making the trip during the winter months. Once you’ve arrived, we would love to host you at Kamloops Ramada. Call us to book a room today!